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   This is my first real update since 1995.  I can't believe how much the net has grown in the last few years.  All of my extended family is now on the net, I have my own domain,  several ISPs (who heard of ISPs in the 80's?) .  It seems like only yesterday that I got my first Arpanet email account (1984) and my first tcp/ip (internet) connected computer (1988), and made first web page (1991).    My main machine (home) is a Dell P2 running generic Windows NT.  I was a SUN/BSD UNIX guy until they sold out to SVR2.  the biggest adventure was going down under (Melbourne, Australia) and having a real time telnet session with my work host.   Wow!!!!!

Welcome to my personal home page. The page deals with my nonwork life. I also have a work related home page. Do you want to send me email? The following is an old  hotlist.  Now they call hotlists bookmarks.  I will give my current hotlist out in a few weeks.  I have to update it. Unfortunately I am now using four (4) computers with different bookmarks   (home PC running Win2K, work Win2K, work Win2K PRC 2, work SunOS 4.1.4 on a Sparc 2).

I have been active on the net for a long time. I currently manage the RISKS exploder list for all military and government sites. I have been doing this for Peter Neumann for about 5 years. I was the founder of the Computer Privacy Digest and the USENET newsgroup comp.society.privacy,. I have since given these up to Prof Levine of University of Wisconsin.   I do need to update this section.

  My current claim to fame is the web.  I currently do the following web pages:



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